Place Snippets

A brief usage

Place Snippet can be use to insert snippets or clauses for document template, document builder, knowledge management, clause management, contract management, document automation.

Place Snippet is available as Google add on.
Microsoft office add in is coming soon.

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Microsoft Office Addin Coming Soon


Quickly compile your common documents with your snippets.

Main features make this powerful solution for Google Docs users:

  • List all your snippets right next to your Google Doc, insert them into your docs with one click

  • Add new snippets with text selected in docs and retain its format

  • Share snippet text db across members of teams

Simpler alternative or compliment app for:
Clio; knowledge management; contract management; Gatekeeper; customer support; reporting; Doc Builder; clause management; Doc Variables; simple signature workflow automation; DocuSign; HelloSign; PandaDoc; document automation; DocHub; template management; Practice Panther; Smart References; instructional design

Getting Started

Start Place Snippets by go to

Add-ons > Place Snippets > Start

Load Sheet

On the first run, you will be prompted with a Load Sheet dialog

A Default DB Sheet will be created for first time usage.

User can import from existed Sheet or create a new template

Click on the Sheet to select and then click Load Button to load

Add Snippets

To Create / Add new snippet, Click on Create Button and user will be prompted a Add new Snippet dialog

Fill in the details of the Snippets and Click Update

Name and Tags can be search from the search bar

Edit Snippet

Click on the Snippet Name to show the summary snippet and option.

To expand the summary Click on "More..."

Click on Edit Button to Prompt Edit Dialog

Click on Delete Button to delete snippet

Use Selection

To save formatted snippet, user can first highlighted paragraph.
(note* image, horizontal line is not supported )

Then Click on Create or Edit

Click on Use Selection Button then Click Update

Use Doc as Snippet

Click on the Use File Button

Put in Google doc URL link and click update

Save Snippets

After Snippet is Created / Edited Click on Save to Save Snippet to Sheet.

Toggle Auto Save to auto save on every action of Create, Edit and Delete Snippet

Insert Snippets

Click on Insert button to insert snippet on the cursor in the document

Search Snippets

Type in Search bar to automatic filter the snippets according to Snippet Name and Tags

Load Other Sheet

Click on Load to prompt Load Sheet Dialog

Dynamic Snippets

Create dynamic Snippets by using together with Placeholder.

With Placeholder , user can use {{ keyword }} in snippet then find and replace without hassle.

Checkout Placeholder.

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*Some Function is restricted after 14days

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