Error Code "PERMISSION DENIED" OR Authorisation is required to perform that action

There is 2 issues resulting Permission Denied

1) This Error is most probably due to multiple Google Account are logged in the same browser.
Please logout all account and log in back with authorized account


2) On create/using Template gallery document, it will automatic show up a sidebar with option to run.
-> The sidebar does not works. Running it will trigger Permission Denied Error.

-> Please use the menu bar Addon > Placeholder > Scan

Incognito Window is not supported

As the Addon will use localstorage to store the state, access to localstorage of browser is required.

Incognito Window does not allow access to localstorage and third party cookies

DataType does not persistence in template gallery

DataType is persistence when you share the document to other user

DataType is not persistence when submitted to template gallery